PUI medical doctor providing a workshop to AL-Rifi Al-Hwiege Vaccination Center staff ©Première Urgence Internationale

Over a six-month period, PUI built the capacity of more than 90 MoH staff members, including nurses, vaccinators and supervisors via a competency-based framework.

A detailed training plan was developed based on WHO guidelines on the following topics: Cold chain management and maintenance, safe injection, vaccination data and information management, and Infection prevention and control (IPC). Besides, tailored workshops on Risk communication and community engagement (RCCE), were delivered in primary healthcare facilities across AL-Jawf, Al-Kufra, Tazirbu, and Rebyana aiming to enhance the medical staff capacities in managing the vaccine infodemics raised by beneficiaries.

The activity was implemented as part of the national COVID-19 immunization campaign in close coordination with the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) and under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health (MoH), to strengthen the local authorities’ capacity to successfully to roll out, implement and monitor the vaccination activities in Al Kufra.