About Al-Kufra

Al Kufra is a region of the South-East of Libya with three main areas of Al Jawf, Tazerbu, and Rebyana gathering around 60,000 inhabitants. The population of Al Kufra has limited access to basic services, particularly to health care, due to the remote geographic location of the region, limited specialized health workforce,  medical supplies, and equipment even in main cities. 

PUI in Al-Kufra began in September 2019. A mobile health team began a response to cover Al-Jawf and its surroundings, and afterwards, the intervention was expanded to Rebyana and Tazerbu. The deployment of the mobile health team has helped to overcome the shortage of medical resources, especially specialised medical personnel, which remains one of the main constraints in the region. The intervention is carried out through public health centres, which host the medical activities provided by PUI. A genuine emergency referral system has also been established.

At the community level, Première Urgence Internationale also coordinated a network of community health workers to conduct awareness-raising activities, medical screening for common medical conditions and malnutrition, and referrals to the nearest health facility. In Al Kufra, PUI provided psychosocial counselling in the form of individual and group sessions, emphasizing the importance of mental health in helping beneficiaries manage stress effectively, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Première Urgence Internationale's intervention in Al Kufra is supported by the European Union and the Swiss Confederation.