Vaccination and Medical Health activities

  As part of the local Covid-19 response plan, a Vaccination Support Team was deployed in July 2021 to supervise vaccination activities within four vaccination centers.  

In addition, since March 2022, PUI Team has been working closely with local health authorities and the Department of Health Services to launch a mobile vaccination campaign in hard-to-reach and remote communities across the Al-Kufra region to reach people with limited mobility, disabilities, and the elderly. The mobile vaccination team brings the vaccine closer to communities that face constraints to access to health services, particularly in Tebu areas. Through door-to-door visits and setting up temporary vaccination sites, the COVID-19 vaccine reached the most at-risk groups in Al-Tullab area, Al-Shura, al-Kufra Al-Jadidah, Rebyana, and Tazirbu.  

All vaccination activities are accompanied by pre-immunization screening, immunization history recording, and information sharing to assist beneficiaries in making an informed decision about vaccine uptake. Furthermore, PUI mobile health team provides comprehensive medical consultations.

Donations of medical equipments and supplies

PUI has supported the implementation of Infection and Prevention Control protocols providing technical support and donation of equipment and consumables. The stock of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), cleaning, and waste management materials was provided on a regular basis to limit the risk of Covid-19 infection in the health facilities and to protect the healthcare workers.  

Moreover, PUI provided logistics support to the local authorities by facilitating the transportation of the vaccines from Benghazi to Al-Kufra, and donating cold chain equipment to strengthen the cold chain and storage capacities of the Department of Health Services central pharmacy. 

These items include fridges, freezers, cool boxes, and temperature monitoring devices.  

Community outreach and engagement

Since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, an unlimited number of misinformation and instances of stigma increased amongst communities, often hampering the progress of the immunization campaign. 

In this regard, Première Urgence Internationale deployed on a daily basis a team of Community Health Volunteers across Al-Jawf, Al-Kufra, Al-Shura, Al-Tullab, Tazirbu, and Rebyana, to address the stigma, promote a health-seeking behavior as well as the vaccine uptake. 

A Risk Communication Community Engagement plan was developed in collaboration with the local authorities to help identify at-risk population groups and continue to address and mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on vulnerable individuals and communities. 

The aim is to raise awareness, fight against misconceptions about the disease and the vaccination, and sensitize the community to improve their demand and acceptance of the Covid-19 vaccine through evidence-based communication campaigns, door-to-door awareness-raising activities, radio messages, and radio live sessions with health professionals.